Our History

The Neighborhood Alliance of Spokane County is a Washington non-profit corporation established in 2002.

We are a public interest organization that works to promote the self-determination of Spokane County’s urban and rural neighborhood communities and to protect the farmlands, forests, and shorelines of our county by ensuring that its governmental jurisdictions comply with local ordinances and state laws pertaining to growth, development and public participation.

The Neighborhood Alliance is proud to use its resources to partner with other public advocacy organizations that share our vision for healthy, sustainable neighborhoods, citizen involvement with local government, and particularly compliance with land use planning standards and growth management decisions that affect Spokane County residents and businesses.

Since 2012 we have partnered with Futurewise, the Lands Council and the Center for Justice on a broad array of issues that affect Spokane County’s citizens’ social and economic future.

For additional information or to contact our board of directors, please use this e-mail address:




President: Kathy Miotke

Secretary: Paul Kropp

Treasurer: David Eagle